Water Filter for Your Home

How to Choose a Best Water Filter for Your Home

We all are aware of the benefits of installing a water purification system in our home. Not only it ensures the good quality of water but it also has an affordable approach for every family type.
Installing a water filter in Dubai is an easy process but which one is best for your house can be a tricky one to tackle.

The Need for a Water Purifier

Ensures that the water you and your family are consuming is 100% safe and free from any chemicals. It helps to have a healthy relationship with the taste and smell of the food and water you are drinking. Installing water filtration system is highly affordable as it requires maintenance occasionally.

Contaminants present in the water can have an immense effect on your health and can cause skin problems, hyperactivity, etc.

Water Filtration Systems

House-hold water filtration systems fall under certain categories as listed below:

Under sink:
Water purifiers can also be classified based on their installation. Wall-mounted or tabletop filters are the most common filters available in Dubai market. Under sink filters are catching up with the hype in the market as these are installed under the counter or sink and therefore remain hidden. These can be ideal for use in villas, apartments, restaurants, offices, labour camp and more.

These purifiers treat the water at the point of consumption and filter the water in the secondary and smaller faucet rather than the main one.

These are mounted filters that use the gravity for the flow of water. These filters purify the water at the point of consumption. These are the most common type of filters but requires a constant refilling of the pitcher as you consume the water. These can be conveniently used in home, offices, shops etc.

WaterBerrys RO Water Purifier

Whole House Water Purifier:
These are the most advanced type of water purifiers as they filter most of the water entering a house. Once the water enters the house pipelines from the municipal feed the water filtration process starts and flows throughout the house rather than a single point or faucet. The Whole House Water Purifiers are best to be used in house-holds as the entire family is utilizing water for different purposes.

Before installing the water purifier for your home in UAE, you first need to identify the contaminants present in the water of your region. You can get a water quality report form your technician or any water filter suppliers. Based on the type of contaminants present in the water smartly chose the suitable water filter for your home or office in Dubai.

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