Cooking for Filtered Water

Benefits of Using Filtered Water for Cooking

Water is used in almost every stage of cooking; from washing the ingredients to steaming or boiling or baking to cleaning utensils once the meal is over. Water is indispensable when it comes to cooking.

Filtered water helps you achieve healthier cooking in general. By just eliminating harmful substances from the meals helps to stay healthier. By removing the contaminations present in the water with a water purifier, one can see a drastic improvement in the overall health.

Does the quality of water used for cooking really impacts the quality of food? Let’s find out.

Improves the Taste of Food

Filtered water goes a long way in improving the taste food that is being prepared. It removes the unpleasant metallic chlorine taste and help highlight the authentic flavour of the food.

Brightens the Colour of Food

Not only does filtered water improves the taste of the food but also makes the food look better. Muted colours in food might be due to the presence of chlorine that literally bleaches the food.

Better Bread

Soft filtered water is essential for baking, as hard water is full of minerals that prevents the proteins in the bread from fully absorbing the water. In simple hard water slows down the process of fermentation. This leads to distorted gluten structure, half-risen loaves.

Cooking Grains, Pastas and Beans

Foods like rice, noodles and beans doe not have much flavour of their own and smells like the water that is used for cooking. Unfiltered water takes longer to boil due to the presence of minerals in it. One can also notice a creamier texture in the dish when cooked with filtered water.


Lemonade, Juice, Coffee and Cocoa

Water is a common ingredient for all beverages. And filtered water makes a huge difference in the way the beverage’s taste including Juice, Tea and Coffee.

Preserves Vitamins

Core fundamental of living a healthy life is by integrating vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the meal that is consumed. By using filtered water for cooking, one can be sure to get all the significant nutrients are retained.

Retains colour of the produce

Washing vegetables after buying is a smart idea to keep your family away from viruses. But how many notices that the fresh produce loses its colour after every wash. Chlorine in the water may be a reason for it. Chlorine strips away the colour and high levels of chlorine in water could be a danger. Filtering out excessive chlorine from the water helps keep vegetables looking brighter and tasty.

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