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The Benefits of Temperature Measurement & Metal Detector

In these trying times, with viral infections and illnesses on the rise, walk-through temperature detectors can be handy. Especially in situations like public gatherings, these devices can help in ensuring the safety and health of all the attendees and participants. These devices can also be applied to enclosed public places with high footfall, such as shopping malls, airports, government offices, etc. Modern models are available that can be used as a security and metal detector system as well. The contemporary body temperature thermal camera can measure the body temperature of a person accurate within half a degree.

These devices are mainly suitable for usage in an indoor and windless environment. Here are some of the benefits of such a contactless walk-through detector.

Safety of security/screening personnel

The most significant advantage of installing a thermal camera Dubai is that it will ensure the safety of the security personnel who will be screening the guests/attendees. The temperature measurement system that is done by the walk-through detector is entirely contactless, and the detection can be made accurately from a distance of 1 to 1.5 m away. That will ensure the safety of all the involved personnel.

Adjustable temperature threshold

Another advantage of using a walk-through temperature scanner is that the temperature threshold is easily adjustable. The target body temperature can be set by the personnel involved. The included strobe light and alarm will trip if the body temperature of the subject exceeds the set threshold body temperature. The device also has a counting display which will allow the security personnel to keep check of the total footfall and the number of people with abnormal body temperature.

The versatility of the device

The device is very versatile and is applicable for common security reasons as well. This walk-through temperature scanning device can also be implemented as a metal detector. Metals like copper, zinc and aluminum can be detected. It can help security personnel to prevent individuals with weapons like hidden knives and firearms to access the event. The device’s multi-area alarm will also inform the staff where the metal object is located on the subject’s torso.

With the COVID-19 pandemic around, it is high time that security arrangements are enhanced to help protect the personnel and the guests from becoming sick. A fever screening thermal camera Dubai can make an enormous difference by providing security personnel to screen individual body temperature in a systematic and contactless manner.

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