Al Furjan Villas Dubai

Al Furjan Villas

Al Furjan Offering modernity with Homeliness with an expanse in luxury embedded with Nature.

Al Furjan is the most fascinating site for construction; developing at an exponential rate as a new residential area. This residency is inspired by the historical proud past of Dubai. Al Furjan Residency represents a small village having a collection of homes which symbolizes a unique style of living similar to the one being practiced in earlier time’s i.e. a community of drawn-out families and friends than only neighbors. Al Furjan has beautiful homes that are the perfect blend of homeliness, luxury and modernity. All units in this community are inspired by the history of Dubai. The community has been planned in the manner of old villages in Dubai which gives it a very warm and cozy feel. Al Furjan offers three different styles of villas namely Al Furjan Dubai Style, AL Furjan Quortaj and Al Furjan Al Hejaz.


Al Furjan has taken into account a lot of master planning, designing, consulting studies and a lot more in order to make it a different residency from others. The open spaces and outdoor grounds are also well crafted as the individual homes and their interiors. The designing and construction adopts modern planning principles which provides provision for walking areas and good connectivity with the major spots around the residency. Al Furjan offers four different kinds of villages namely East, West, North and South. Each variety having built with different characteristics. However, all these villages have the same kind of accessibility to the amenities, path networks and same view of streets.

Al Furjan Villas DubaiFeatures and Specification of Al Furjan

Al Furjan inculcates the traditional principles of family extending to neighbors and friends. To facilitate this bonding in family life, a lot of gardens for stroll walks; for children to play; for family gatherings have been provided. A lot of beautiful spaces have been offered to build memories. Al Furjan’s disciplined streetscape is its hallmark with 40 interconnected pathways across the community. The inspiration of this network is the intricate yet beautifully planned camel paths in historic times and interior roads that used to connect villages and neighboring communities. Camel paths are the best attraction of Al Furjan; they reduce pedestrian traffic and ensure safe transit. It also has the ability to bring people closer to nature and explore the village areas.

Al Furjan’s Four Village Centers

These four villages i.e. East, West, North and South are situated at the heart of Al Furjan Residency and are easily accessible by all the residents. They have been built with an amazing spacious architecture. A stroll around these villages indulges a sense of beautiful social life among the residents. It is like living in a big harmonious, happy family or say community. The community provides all the amenities life departmental shops for grocery shopping and everyday shopping; restaurants for outings and dinners; gymnasium for wellness and rejuvenating physical heath; childcare amenities; two schools which are built inside the community having home pick up and drop facility. Al Furjan has a park area of nearly 50 hectares which includes pools, sports facility, cycling pathways and play areas for children.

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